Action form does not work

My app’s URL:

Hello, I have problems with the action from image, but only in a view.
I set up a form but it stops working after approximately 24 hours.
Now it doesn’t work.

I tell them how it works in order to identify the problem.
I have a CATEGORIES sheet, another SUBCATEGORIES and another PRODUCT.
The VIEW CATEGORIES button takes you to an empty page, from there I have a relationship with the categories and an ALL CATEGORIES button that takes you to the sheet of all products. That is where it is not working. Both the categories, sobcategories and products sheet are hidden, they are all relationships.

Are u using jotforns?

No no, I use the glide form. I don’t know jotform

Mariano I’ve seen a few threads on this. I’ve seen. the solution somewhere as well. I think it’s to do with certain settings. Let me find the thread for you. If you get there before I do, fantastic.


Mariano, ask Robert petitto. It was one of his threads. He got it to work.


Would you be willing to set your app so we could copy it, or at least duplicate it with only the data you can share, and then allow the duplicate to be copied? I can see where you are having the problem and your action settings in your other post seem correct, but would help if we could play with a copy of your app to double check all of the settings.

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thanks for worrying, if I don't have an answer today I'm going to ask you. anyway the app is in test mode. Thank you
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now I’m not on the pc. and I can not find how to share it from the cell phone. As soon as I get home I share them with you.

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Sorry the delay, I pass the link:
It can be copied.
Thank you and I hope it is resolved.

I made a copy and played around with it. I don’t see anything wrong with your settings but the copy had the same issue when viewing all categories. Unrelated, but I did also find it odd that I couldn’t get the favorite tabs to go away when i removed favorites from all three lists. I think this is definitely a bug. @Mark could you take a look when you get a chance?

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This should be fixed by now. You’ll have to reassign the Form action, but it shouldn’t go away again.

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Perfect, thank you very much. Now I configure the form again.