Not accurate translation in French for the "What's your Name" dialog box

Sometimes, the app prompts with a “Sign-in like” dialog box, but just with “What’s your Name?”.
Except that it’s translated in French (which is appropriate), but with a huge error: “Quel est ton Nom?”.
As in English, “Name” refers to the First Name, not the Last Name.
Which should be “Prénom” in French, instead of “Nom”.
If users really type in their Last Name instead of their First Name, well, that’s not really friendly, right?
So, the right translation should be “Quel est ton prénom ?”.
With a space before the “?”, according to french rules.
Voilà :slight_smile:

@JackVaughan @PabloMFalero can you have a look on this? Thanks a lot!

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I’ll bring this to the team. Thank you @ThinhDinh


@ThinhDinh @PabloMFalero Thks, guys!
Maybe there’s similar mistranslations in other languages too! I only speak 4!
Thks for them as well.

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