Not able to select data component from the dropdown

I’m following the course “Insiders Rebuild Part 2” and in the courses table there’s a column “Is Favorited?” which is linked to the favorites in Courses & Favorite bar. However when I make a toggle component in the detailed screen under courses. It’s not visible in my list from the data dropdown, while it is in the video. It’s not in my google sheets either only in the glideapp courses table.

“Is Favorited?” has never been a column type, I believe, it was always added automatically to a new table.

I think that part has changed a bit since the video. Have you tried either:

  • Adding a new tab with the list view pointing to the table where you want the “Is Favorited?” column to appear, and turn on “Favorite Bar”.


  • Changing the inline list to a card layout and adding a “favorite” button on the card.