Not able to see an option to allow access to private users/public in free plan?

I am not able to allow access to my staff who are added in the user access table.

That’s the default settings for legacy plans. You had to upgrade to a Private Pro plan in the previous pricing scheme to be able to have “private” users for Glide Pages.

I would suggest making a new team folder that will follow the new teams pricing plan to be able to have private users for Glide Pages.

But we currently don’t have the requirement for the paid service free plans are okay for us. It says 10 private and some public users but can’t see the option

The reason you don’t see the option is because your App is still subject to the old per-app pricing structure.

In order to get the options you are looking for, you need to do as @ThinhDinh advised. That is, create a new team and move your App to that team.

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