None of my text entry fields working

Hello! I’m new to Glide. I just purchased “Match Users + Subscription” template by Jesus Vargas: Match Users + Subscription · Glide

I have loaded the app on my phone and have not changed much but basic text. However, none of the text entry fields are clickable … they won’t allow any text to be typed in them.

Sorry if this is a very novice question, but can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance!

Hey !

Welcome on board ! We hope you’ll have a good time here.

To answer your question, would you mind sharing a screenshot of your users sheet ? (Obviously if no sensitive info is on it)

@AymenM thanks for chiming in so quickly. Please see attached … it’s the default data sheet that was copied with the app template I bought.

Please let me know if this is not the right info. Super appreciate!

Thanks. About the text that you have changed, did you change just the titles and texts ? Is that correct ?

Please make sure that you have not changed any fields on your sheet.

And can you confirm that you have selected « public » in the privacy section of your app ?

@AymenM I actually went back to an untouched copy of the app I puchased … and same thing is happening.

That’s weird, any idea on that @eltintero ?

Confirmed, @AymenM … public is selected.

Here is the unmodified copied app link:

This usually means that there is no row in the underlying table available to write to.

  • Check the sheet/table that these input components are targeted at, and ensure there is at least one row in that table containing data (apart from the header row)
  • Check if Row Owners are set anywhere in that table. If they are, ensure that you are viewing as a user that “owns” a row in that table
  • Check to see if there are any tab or component filters applied that could be causing no rows to be available.

Under privacy settings, select public with email. Otherwise users can’t edit your own profile.

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@eltintero that worked! Thank you so much! :grinning:

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