No way to pay anymore

I saw already different post about the “this item is no longer available” that speak about Row Owner etc… but looks like is not this the case, i’ve no rows in this way (unless are hided in such a way), and I was able to make my payment since this last friday at least.
I got an error message even if I try as a customer client.
I was previously using User specific column with no problem, but now even without those, nothing to do,

i remove also the App: Sales sheet, in order to recreate it, but nothing happen.
any other solutions I can go through?

Difficult to say anything without looking at any visuals.
You can record a video on and share it with the community so they can help easily.

I’ve never seen stripe work with any ‘glide only’ columns. As far as I know, it will only work if you use columns that are in the actual spreadsheet. I don’t use stripe, so I don’t know if this ever changed, but that’s always been my experience when testing it.

Thank you for the suggestion @sardamit, but I’m using Linux and don’t like so much google intruders stuff on my laptop, as much as possible i take them out.
Anyway I recorder the screens to show what happen in my product (BTW I can skip to use stripe, but because is there and it was working till end of july, then…).

@Jeff_Hager, as you can see I’m using a tricky, but definitely the amount to pass to stripe is from a real sheet field.
I just looked on stripe websites and the tests are pretty the same till 30 july, then what happened later?
maybe I reached the limit of tests payments?

Hi @trisixnine

I am not sure why it was working earlier but not now. If you are charging in Japan currency, maybe use test credit card for Japan, it’s different from the one you are using.


thanks abhila, but even with other cards I got the same message.
it could be something linked to my db, but i don’t know exactly what to looking for.

okkkkkk I know … its my fault as always… th problem was in the field to pass out, was not declared numeric! ehm! I probably changed something and I forgot to create the field in the proper way :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

but this can help further mistake like mine … :drooling_face:

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