No Precision on Numeric Array Columns

I have several numeric columns named in Sheets to be recognized as an array in Glide. Those columns calculate a number with a lot of decimal places, needed for certain calculations in Sheets… however, for display purposes in Glide, I’d like precision. Unlike other Numeric columns in Glide, I can’t open these array columns up to choose a better precision… all of the numeric columns in that array are bundled up without any way (that I can see) to expand them. Is this possible? Aside from the obvious of creating new Math Columns as duplicates. I was hoping to avoid this since the number of Glide columns in my app is pretty huge as it stands, and with no way to reorder them, rename them, or easily identify which ones are even being used anymore in my app… I’m trying hard not to add any new columns if I can.

No solutions come to mind. Too bad you can’t “expand” an array column to see the columns and make adjustments.

Yeah. My guess is this will come eventually along with better Data Editor organization, search and analysis. In the interim, I’ll create columns in Sheets to do the precision.

Ya…I’d love the ability to create array columns manually (just as long as they are of the same type). If I have a User image let’s say and an Admin image from a lookup, be able to create an array column with the two.

Oh yeah, that would be super useful.

In case you missed it:

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OMG! I didn’t see that! Time for some much needed app cleaning.

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