Newly Added Inline List


I am trying to integrate a ‘Newly Added’ inline list for businesses that filled out a submission form in the last week or so. Forms are submitted via Google Forms. I was thinking of using the timestamp for this, but when a business is updated, the time stamp changes, so this won’t work as businesses update their information, as they are not really ‘new’. Anyone knows how I can make it so, the inline list would only capture the first timestamp that is inputted for a specific row, and not the ones after that.


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You could have separate date columns to capture the date the first time the row is added in one column and any edits in another date column. That way the first date column is only touched when adding a row.

How does that work?

Hi @Jen_NYCP

You can solve adding a query in your google sheet.
For example, assume that:
A is the businesses column
B is the date
TEST is the named range

The query is: =QUERY(TEST; “Select A, MIN(B) GROUP BY A”; 1)

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Have an “Added” column for when they first added to your data, captured via the datetime special value in the form.

Then for any edits using the pencil button, point the datetime value to another “Last edit” column so it won’t change the “Added” column.

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This is all in glide data editor?

If you still keep on using Google Forms for this then this have to be in the Sheets.

I will look into this one! Thanks!

That approach, if I take it right, is based on one business having multiple rows (the approach looks like it’s assuming an edit will create a new row). Seems like not the case?

No each business has its own row. I’m thinking I would just need a new column to capture the first time stamp and stay that way.

The problem here is you’re using an external service to do this? Any reason not to do it using Glide’s form?

I was using the form long before I built my glide app and like the format it provides.