New way to use desktop view and create 2 Details screens

For those of you which already know my DigiBiz platform which allow creation of a fully customize digital business card this is a new way to use my platform on desktop.

One of the main feedback I received from users is that while the final result of the card looks great on mobile and onboarding and editing on mobile is lest comfortable.
created this part where users can easily do this on their desktop and get the preview in real time with every change they do,

will love to hear your comments and thoughts with this approach.

Saw that there’s a problem with the Loom link so another 1 in drive. hope this one works better,


That’s pretty awesome…

trying to wrap my mind around how you got the details to show up in the second screen…
with css?

The left screen is a swipe list filtered for the 1 item which is the user and the right screen is the detailed screen of the user.

That way any change I do in the right screen reflects on the left as it’s actually showing the same row


wow… thank you!

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This is very clever. Thanks for sharing!

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Curious if you could buy some NFC Cards and program each one to display each person’s Digital Business Card when scanned, like Lynk

I believe there is a way to do this but that would require me to be part of the process which I don’t want.
The idea is that the user do this by themselves and control it without me as this is a side business for me and I don’t want to invest additional time as well as start handling shipments etc.