DIGIBIZ - Social Biz Card

hi Gliders,

So, I built an app which is kind of social network for digital biz cards.
everyone can sign in, create a user and connect directly from the app with other users in any way, mail, whatsapp, call etc.

thank you all for the help @Jeff_Hager and @Ralf mainly!

pls go in, share your thoughts and comments. I’ve created an english version for you all to view.




Very cool. It looks like you are using some creative techniques for admin only views and onboarding to only show data once a user has created a profile? Nice work. :+1:

Yes. Got ideas from your concept app :wink:

You’re the test user? If so I delete it ok?

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Awesome. Glad it worked for you. Yes, I’m the test user with the dog. You can delete.