Desktop version different than mobile one

It would be great to have a desktop-adapted version in addition to the two existing ones for iPhone/Android.


I’d love to see this too! Currently building a workplace directory, but not everyone wants to put work stuff on their personal device.

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You can do this easily. Check out the video (and thanks for the tip on Loom)

I think they may have been referring to a web based full screen version



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Maybe so, but this addresses the initial concern of not adding “work stuff on their personal device”. I use a different app on my desktop daily. It’s not the best solution, but it’s the one that’s available now.

@JackVaughan, @david, and @Mark, is there a timeline on this? I know I would definitely benefit from a desktop/landscape view of my apps, even more so, my end-users.

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We can’t give you a timeline on that at this point, sorry.

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Totally agree. It could be a very nice add value for PRO version