Desktop version different than mobile one

It would be great to have a desktop-adapted version in addition to the two existing ones for iPhone/Android.


I’d love to see this too! Currently building a workplace directory, but not everyone wants to put work stuff on their personal device.


You can do this easily. Check out the video (and thanks for the tip on Loom)

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I think they may have been referring to a web based full screen version



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Maybe so, but this addresses the initial concern of not adding “work stuff on their personal device”. I use a different app on my desktop daily. It’s not the best solution, but it’s the one that’s available now.

@JackVaughan, @david, and @Mark, is there a timeline on this? I know I would definitely benefit from a desktop/landscape view of my apps, even more so, my end-users.


We can’t give you a timeline on that at this point, sorry.

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Totally agree. It could be a very nice add value for PRO version


verdade, concordo

Im going to assume that this is not on the list of things to do with glide. Any feedback about if this is a thing or not. Need to know so I wont wait around for it.

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I agree. I think the request is important enough to have information about it

We are actively working on something, but we still can’t give you a timeline for when/if we’ll ship it.


Would also love this feature! if you turn your phone sideways, the app renders in “landscape” orientation. I think something as simple as this on a desktop would make a lot of users happy as a more advanced solution is being developed.


The “portrait” orientation of the same app for reference