New user sign in : how to autofill new row?

Hello, I am a newbie,
Each time a new user sign in, a new row is added in my user’s glide table and Google Sheet.
I manually control what type of information each user can see or not through my Google Sheet where I fill some columns with keywords.

Exemple : John can see “Politics” and “Sports” but not “Sciences”

I would like every new user who has just signed in to automatically see “Sports” not waiting for me to fill the column. But every time a new user sign-in a new row is created with an empty cell in the column “Sports”.

How can I do that ?
Thank you for your help.


How are you letting the users see the categories? I assume by a filter or conditional visibility?

Yes, both.

Maybe add a filter or condition for sports so it only shows when the category is sports or if it’s empty.

Or create an IF column that returns the category if it’s not empty, else return sports. Then filter and set conditions based on that IF column.

Thank you Jeff.
Actually I did not do exactly what you indicate but it inspired me and I finally solve my problem. Thank you !


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