Free Users | Automatically make new users "Free" users

When a user joins my app, I want them to automatically be a “Free” user.

Right now, that’s not happening. Is there any way I can set this up in Glide without me manually doing it?

If you don’t necessary need to see that info in the Sheet, I would advise creating a boolean column called “Pro”, only Pro users will have that checked.

Then in the Editor, create an If Then Else column, if Pro is not True then Free, else True.

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That makes sense. So if I do this – then I will have to go back and change all of my premium content displays (using rules right now, access level = premium show this and vice versa), correct?

Thanks for your multiple replies it’s greatly appreciated.

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What are you using for the access? You’re using a text column with the text “Premium”?

That’s correct.

Then the if then else inside Glide would be if Access is empty then Free, else take the Access column’s value.