New Screen Action in RTF losing 'table'

I am clicking on a Rich Text Field and the New Screen action data is coming up empty. When I look at the data in this New Screen, the table meta-data is correct but there is NO data. It appears the Data items (from a Query) loses its connection to the actual data but not the table ‘meta data’. And it LOSES the Action associated with the Screen. In this case Q.MyFeed is the query based result being used in a New Screen to view a list of items. The list items consist of about 20 different types with a separate Action ‘path’ for each type in the list so a long custom Action.

This new screen stopped working (empty list). If I select the SAME table in the Data choice selector from the RTF component everything works except I have lost the Action and list Content set-up for the list.

NET/NET: Everything looks correct but Glide has disconnected my Data from the screen and the only way to fix it is to reconnect the Data. I choose the exact same data table and the data set is correct but I have lost all the customization for this screen.

This is about the 4th time this has happened in the last week or two BUT has no pattern!?! I just moved all the screen from relations to queries and suspect this is the issue.

I think this is a bug is a BIG ISSUE but wanted to discover if any other Gliders are seeing this behavior in Glide Classic?

PS. Hope this made sense.


Closing this since you created a new thread.