New ROWS on the bottom (GoogleSheet). Hidden Record!

Hi all, hope you will have a good day.

can you please help me to understand what could be the reason that the new ROWS (in just my latest project) are appended to the bottom of the sheet
I’ve obviously verified that there are no ROW ID, no Arrayformula (that might create this effect, I’ve removed those completely to verify this), no FORMAT whatsoever.

it is like Glide take memory of the Last Row used… more or less, because if I delete all rows in any case the new ROW will be added after the last
and actually this is the 1st time I see this .
Any clue how to fix it?


Sorry I just noticed something strange, in Glide there is a Hidden Record:

As you can see from the 1st to the 2nd image there is a record which is not on Google sheet!
So now the question is HOW TO REMOVE IT and why this happen?

PS: from GLIDE, from the Table view, this record is not possible to delete (as it happen with the others)

It looks like a duplicate of the row just above. Please try refreshing your window to see if it goes away.

Also, if at any point you had an arrayformula in that sheet, it will keep writing to the bottom unless you delete all empty rows.

Ive just moved out all records from GS but the hidden record still is visible on Glide Tables.
then I decided to remove the whole table after duplicating it.
and the Problem is solved.

What I may suppose has created this problem (but is just a guessing) is that I created a ROW with a numeric field filled with alphanumeric value (The ROW with the B column = DUP)
Anyway it is disappeared… and my feature too :sweat_smile:
Thanks anyway! :vulcan_salute:t3:

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