New pricing... , which plan for me?

I’m really chocked by the new pricing plans of Glide

i was paying 25$/mo for 5 apps and multiple user by app, and i’m turning all my businesses with it. Now the Maker plan is 60$/mo and supporting only 1 app

I should take the Team plan of 125$/mo ???

Soo expensive… i’m realy confused cuz it’s a lot of money for us

Pleaaase help

But do you need a new team to go with the full pricing? You should have your Legacy pricing kept for now, is that correct?

What do u think is the best for me ?

I forget to renew it
I begged them to give it back to me. And i cannot reactivate it again but no answer

Well if your old pricing is gone when you forgot to renew then there’s nothing they can do. I think you should review the latest pricing to see if still makes sense for you, related to the type of users, number of apps, and the amount of updates your apps would consume monthly.