🛒 NEW eCommerce Store Template - use STRIPE, Cashapp or PayPal for selling your products

So the template should have an “unlimited stock” feature to fix this. If not then I need to resubmit the template.

I also just reviewed your email. I can either send you a copy with the unlimited stock feature or can show you how to implement it.

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I’m happy with either.

Let me know what’s easiest for you to do.

I just emailed you the instructions!

I’m also copying here for anyone curious or that purchased the template that wants to implement the same feature.

Note: You will need to add the “unlimited stock” booleans to the app interface if you want to be able to edit product and inventory stock using the app and not just Google Sheets.

Let me know if this works for you!

1. On the “products” sheet, add a new boolean field to toggle if the product should have unlimited stock.

2. Then, update the “sold out” tag field to the screenshot below:


NEXT you will need to pull in a lookup for the product so that the new feature can be recognized in the cart, otherwise, even when users add items, they app will keep them from moving forward to purchase because the condition must be setup to recognize that the product selected doesn’t have inventory tracked.

3. On the “inventory” tab, create two new columns, one to toggle infinite stock for the inventory, and another a lookup column to pull in the value to see if the related product for the inventory is marked as “infinitestock”.

4. Create a new IFTHEN column with the same setup as the screenshot below.


5. On the “cart” tab, change the “inventoryLOOKUP” to pull from the new “inventoryAvailableIFTHEN” column. Screenshot below.



it would be much easier if you do stock recognition… if left empty, that means is unlimited… so users don’t need to think about it

Nice add. If users want to implement that method then that also works.

The original template was designed for tracked inventory, so the update was implemented in the method above for that purpose.

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Has anyone managed to successfully write successful checkouts back onto the sheet?

I would like to see all orders quickly so I know total quantities for each product?

The most updated version for GlideCart has Stripe, which writes back the order as paid on the orders sheet. Is that what you’re looking for?

What I am looking for.

Once an orde has been made the name , item and quantity ordered is then sent back the Google sheet.

Ideally I would use a pivot table to see how much of each item I had to prepare or organise

you can get that using Google Scripts and webhook for Stripe:

With Stripe payment, the order is already recorded when it’s purchased. The items are recorded to a “hidden” sheet labeled “App:Sales”.

In the Glidecart template, the template is already configured to crosscheck that the order submitted was actually paid for if the payment method is Stripe. So, you already have access to view and manage all of the orders on the “My Orders” tab when you are viewing as an Admin.

This is for all orders, including if they were paid with Stripe or not.

Thank you.

Will check it out.

Can you explain how to do this, please?
Will this work with Stripe Connect?

Does Glidecart work with Stripe Connect, like with a marketplace style setup?

yes, it will work with all kinds of payments using Stripe… just set up the event you need in webhook settings