🛒 NEW eCommerce Store Template - use STRIPE, Cashapp or PayPal for selling your products

Please invite me to your copy of the template and I can take a look at the backend. I PM’ed you my email address

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I dont see anymore this template on the store ? It has been deleted ?

I am with a free plan and I dont see any “buy” button with Stripe.

Same when I seek informations from : https://www.glideapps.com/integrations

Is there a way to make a e-commerce application with Glide ?

I don’t think e-commerce is a good use case for Glide.


Thanks @nathanaelb

Too bad, I tested many no code applications and Glide was really the one that could fit my needs…but need e-commerce/cart/payment module

A few names come to mind to sell online:

  • Shopify, Prestashop, Wordpress with e-commerce (WooCommerce?)
  • Mirakl
  • Substack, Patreon
  • Kajabi, Podia, Teachable, Software (dot) io

There are tons more depending on what you want to sell online.

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Adding to the list of no-code online store alternatives…

With that, I’m going to close this thread since the original template is no longer available. :+1:

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