New data keeps deleting?

Does anyone know why new data i’ve implemented would keep deleting? I’ve added more columns to an existing data set two times already, and it keeps deleting all of that new data. Is there a way to correct this? There’s no save button so I don’t know how to keep this data from getting deleted.

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Do you have a video or screenshots demonstrating what’s happening? This isn’t normal behavior, so it would help to see what you are adding and what’s happening when it deletes. There’s also subtle things in screenshots and videos that you may not notice, but we might, that can give us clues as to what’s happening.

Actually, quick question before that. I’ve sent this link out to a few people to use at a conference today and the link says monthly usage limit has been reached. If I upgrade to starter right now, will my project be viewable?

You mentioned you added two columns and “it” keeps deleting all of the data.

A few questions to troubleshoot beyond Jeff’s request for screenshots:

  • What is disappearing: the columns you added with their header (not normal) or the data within those columns (could happen depending on your settings)?
  • If the columns are still there, is the name in blue indicating that your columns are user-specific?

If your columns are user-specific, the data in each cell of the column is different for each user. If you added the data as user A and are viewing the data in the builder as another user, it is normal you wouldn’t see the data. You could then try changing the user in “View as” (upper left of the preview of your app).


All of the data is just under one user (myself).

Attached is one photo of what it looks like when the new data is missing (there should be about 85 rows, not 65). I wanted to put a photo of what it looks like after I re-add the data that was deleted, but it won’t let me add more than one photo. It’s not the columns themselves that are deleting, but are the last twenty or so sets of data within the columns. I re-added the data a few minutes ago, but it keeps disappearing after a few hours. This specific tab/sheet is under the same settings as all of the others. This data was there last night, but was not there this morning. How can I see if this specific data table can only house a certain amount of data?

If data is there and disappears for no apparent reason a few hours later, that’s unusual.

Your table seems to be a Glide Table (black icon), but just to be sure: the data is stored in a Glide Table and not a Google Sheet, correct?

To see the data usage of your team (new app), return to the Glide dashboard and in the team on the left, you’ll see “Usage”. There you can see if you are reaching your team’s thresholds.

If you created your app many months ago, you might be on a legacy app. And possibly you could see the data usage, per app this time, from within the app, upper right hand corner, next to where it says “Publish” or “Share”.

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Okay, thanks. The data is stored in a Glide Table. It looks like I’m fine in terms of usage. Perhaps the data being deleted was a result of the monthly usage limit? I’ll keep my eye on it over the next few hours/days to see if anything deletes again. Thank you!

HI @dee99

If this happens again, please submit a ticket so we can take a closer look.