New Admin and projects are gone! Help!

I added a new admin and all the projects are gone. The published App is working normally but the project disappeared. How to recover them?

Are you signed in to Glide using the correct email address?

Yes. I also had a starter plan, but it doesn’t show up anymore either. I see everything as if it were my first login to Glide. The curious thing is that my published App works normally. The problem is that it wasn’t finished. I thought it might be somewhere inside the Glide.

How exactly did you “add a new admin”?

Hi! Happy New Year!
I added my own business email as a guest and set it as admin. So the original email,
‘account owner’, disappeared along with all the projects.

Something doesn’t sound right there.
What do you see if you login to Glide using the original email address?

Screenshots of what you see when logged in using each email would be helpful.

I see exactly as a new user. And the same thing with the other email.
It seems that as soon as I activated the new admin everything reset.

The fact is, I have completely lost confidence in starting over in that system.
Any suggestion?

Is this screenshot from the new user’s view or the old one’s?

The old one, that I had the starter plan.

So do you see the same thing in the new user’s view?

Please show us a screen shot of what you see when logged in with the second email address. We might be able to spot something from a screen shot that isn’t obvious to you.

This is the email I gave the admin to. The project that appears had already been done before. Is it possible that the new profile replaced the previous one and deleted everything automatically?

Okay, now we can see the problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Those screenshots are from two different teams. One is called “Arthur”, and the other is called “Arthur’s Team”.

If you check the team members in each, you should be able to see which emails have access to each, and sort it out from there.

But in both there is only one member on the team.


That’s why you see something different when you log in as each user - because each user has access to a different team.

What you need to do is pick one team (probably the one that contains your App), and invite the missing member to that team.

It worked!! :smiley:
Thank you so much! You saved my life!! :pray:

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