URGENT : Transferring Project Access to Team Members

I and my manager have been in a Team on Glide and used to work on a Project for which the admin access was via. my Managers Email Id.

My managers email ID has been disabled as he has left the company , and I had been made the admin of the Team. But the projects access was not given to me.

Is there any way of transferring the projects access to my email ID ?

What do you mean by this? Do you mean you are now the Team admin but don’t have access to all projects/apps?

Shouldn’t you already have access to all the Team’s apps if you are already in that team?

That’s the issue.
I was just added to the team , I did not have access to the app/project.
Is it possible to transfer the Project/app data to my email ID.

So the team does not have the app inside it? Where is it being stored?

If it’s in a team of your manager’s deleted email, which I assume you don’t have access to, then I’m not sure if it’s possible to recover it.

The app is in the team in which i have been added to. But the project in the team isnt accessible to me

But yes , i do not have access to the email id since its been suspended by the company admin.

If i can recover the registered email ID , Can i transfer the project/app data or App Admin Access to my Email ID ?

Yes! Once you have access to owner email, you can transfer ownership

You can also try, making the suspended email as an alias to your email and login using alias

I’m trying to revive the suspended account . I should get it by a day or two.
Could you guide me on how to transfer the ownership once I have access to the email ID,

Once you log in to the admin account! Select the team on the left side.
Go to members and select “make admin” option for the email you want to transfer ownership to!

See that’s the hiccup I’m facing.
I had done this same process last month while I had access to my manager’s email and glide access. I did the same thing and in “Members” I made myself the admin > which resulted in me being the admin of the “Team” . But when I login from my glide account I can only see the Team and I am the Admin but I cannot access the Apps/Project.

I need to transfer the ownership/data of the App/Project to my email ID as well

If you want to transfer the app!
The owner of that team where the app resides, needs to transfer the app in the team where you are owner!
Also, the sheet ownership would not change if you change ownership of the app

oh great,
Sheet as in the Source is it?(I have the editing access to the source sheet)

I’m still not clear on this. Is this “team” you referring to a Glide Team? Because when you’re added to a team, with said app inside that team, you should have full access to it.

I was added to the glide team and also made the admin . Yet I don’t have the access to the project/app. It’s confusing

So what do you see in the Team Projects folder?
Do you see any projects at all?
Can you provide a screen shot please?

I Can just see A tab which says New Project.Nothing else

So are you sure that the team has ever had any projects before that? Where were the apps/projects you mention before your manager left?

Yes im sure , I used to work on it through my managers account