Accessing apps as a member of a team

I have two accounts: and

I have a few apps I created using account and they “live” inside of a team I created called “Catalyst is a verb.” I have invited myself as to be a member of the team.

When I sign in to my glide account I can see all the projects I have but I do not see any of the is a verb. projects. How do I access these projects from

Is there anyway I can move the is a verb. projects over to my account?

Thanks for your help with this.


Hi Michael,

Yes you can transfer apps between teams you are on as long as you are an admin in both teams.

As to why you can not see the apps in your “Catalyst is a verb” team, can you ensure that you have:

  1. Invited your account with the Kagan Consultants email to your other team
  2. Logged in with that email (you can see different things if you log in via email and via google sign on as both logins essentially create different accounts)

If you still can’t see the projects I’d suggest contacting the lovely support team to assist.

Happy Building!

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Hey @justinjmp!

Thanks for the quick reply.

I didn’t know that signing in with gmail and with email create different accounts.

I will try what you suggest.



Doesn’t change anything when I sign in with email :cry:

Have you accepted the invitation to join the team from the other account?


Very weird @ThinhDinh and @justinjmp

Everything is working now. I copied the link and accessed the team space through an incognito window. Now I can see the team space/folder.

Is there anyway to move the apps in the team folder into my personal folder? I want to close that old email/glide account and have everything in this one account.

Thank you both for your responses and guidance.


Glad that you can see the apps now!

Yes, once you have added yourself to your source team from your target account as admin, you can transfer your app. Simply press the three dot kebab menu on the app and press transfer. From there you can select which team should receive your app.

Once transferred you can delete your old account that you no longer need.

Not letting me transfer it out (“The target organization currently has no payment method to accept this app. Would you like to enter payment info?”) These are not apps that require me to pay (only using the “free features”) as I am still testing the basic structures and premise for the apps.

Best to send a quick message to support then here:

They should help get it all sorted!

Yep…just sent them a replay.

Thanks, mate!