I cannot find my app under new My Projects

I have not edited the back end of my project for a few weeks (maybe more). Its a workout tracker that I use every day and have saved as a link on the home screen of my phone. Everything is working fine there:

However, I have just logged in on a laptop to make some tweaks and my ‘My Projects’ under the default My Team section is empty and I cannot find my app anywhere (last time I edited it appeared as I typed into my browser and took me straight to it but not anymore)

Really worried that my app is gone?

Are you signed in using the same account that you used to create the App?

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I am indeed. I have checked any other possible accounts to no avail. The one account I thought it could be has some other legacy projects that show up fine (not used since 2020) but I only ever use this main account for it.

Is there a way to ‘track back’ to the edit URL from the app one? Similar to how you can use the ID at the end of a Google Sheet URL to find that spreadsheet?

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@Darren_Murphy I wonder if this is that issue that @david was talking about the other day.

I had apps disappear in newer team folders at some point, but they were just dummy placeholder apps, so no loss to me. My personal My Apps folder has remained intact.


I’ve fired off a mesage to support over the same issue today. Had really bad Glide service availability for a while, then when I gave up and came back about 6 hours later…. Gone.

But it is there if I use SigmaOS (I’ve logged in from that browser before), and Sigma uses Chrome underpinnings. But on Chrome…. Gone. De-cookied, de-cachified …. De-funkt. :man_shrugging:

So I only have ready access to Chrome, but I’ll try and load up through an alternative browser when I can and see if it appears

Hey Jon, Any guidance on how I can send over a ticket too? I cant fill out the required Support Link URL.

Got an update back from support, turns out my app was orphaned for some unknown reason, it’s now back in my projects

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That’s weird. How does an app get “orphaned” for an unknown reason? Like it just disappeared from your dashboard?

Yeah exactly that. It was still functioning fine as an app where I had the link saved to my phone home screen and I could add data etc still, however it wasn’t under My Projects anymore to edit. Behaved as if I was using someone else’s app essentially

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