Nested form: Ability to tag people from within a form to create a post


I am making a form to create a post and want to have the option to tag people in the post before the post is created. As in Instagram or any other social media app, if the user discards the post all related information that was entered by the user to create the post should be discarded.

The method I am trying to use to tag people is this which is nicely explained by @Robert_Petitto, thanks a ton for the same :+1 :+1:

However, I am lost with a couple of things,

  1. My understanding is that the post should already be there to be able to tag people. This should not be the case as I need the option to tag people from within the form to create a post.
  2. Is there a way to have a multi-screen form by which the basic information on the post can be collected in one screen, in the second screen the option to tag things can happen, and in the last screen, additional settings can be enabled before submitting the form to create a new post?

The screen look like this,

Not sure if there is already a solution somewhere. If yes, please be kind enough to share. Or, will really appreciate any help to find a solution.

@Robert_Petitto @Lucas_Pires @Jeff_Hager

You could do what you’re doing, but write those choices to a column in the User Profile Table. Once that’s done, you should end up with a comma-separated list of tags in the current user’s row in the User Profiles Table.

For your form, create an action “On submit” that sets a column value — set the “Tags” column for “this item” to be the column from the current user’s User Profile row.

I’d recommend clearing this value after the form is submitted so that each time the form is opened, the User is starting from scratch with regards to tagging and their previous choices aren’t copied to all form submission.

I use this method for selecting images in an inline list inside a form screen here: How to: Select an Image as a Choice using inline lists in forms


Thank you @kyleheney . I am able to tag the emails and store them in a user column. However, for some reason, values in the column do not get cleared on exit. I have used Set Column Value to Clear Value for the column on Submit Action for the form. My setup looks like this,

Adding Tagged users to User Profile Column

Copy tagged user’s to the Post

Clearing the values in User Column using a relation.

What could be the reason for column values not getting cleared?

Try moving your Show Notification action between the two Set Column actions to break them up a bit.

You could try clearing the form upon opening it instead of on submit

Thanks @kyleheney, will try this and confirm

Hi @Eric_Penn, the options I tried, including the one mentioned by you, clear the first row in the column and not all the values in the column that are tagged.

You might be mistaken how set column works. It will set a value in a column but only for a specific row.

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Not Really, since the selection list is the list of users, the items getting selected are their individual rows. This is using the method explained by @Robert_Petitto here and by @kyleheney here.

This is how my selection list looked like.

Action Settings

I think an alternative here for you is:

  • Add a column in the destination table to house all tagged emails/IDs.
  • Add a choice in the form, allowing multiple selections, sourcing from the list of emails/IDs, showing up as user names.

The tricky part is how to let a user remove their tag and only show them in the tagged list once they approve it. I think you still want this right?

Thanks, @ThinhDinh, I did exactly what you have suggested as this seemed to be a pretty simple and straight option to implement. I can live with it for now as the app is still an MVP for a limited user base. However, I agree with you that editing this list and modifying the tags may be an issue for the user. Will have to find a solution that is more permanent at some point in time.