Question: Choice Component (allow selecting multiple)

My user’s submit ideas to the ideas table and tag their ideas with multiple “tags” from the tags table using the choice component with the “allow selecting multiple” option. I’m looking for a way to allow my users to continue choosing from the existing “tags” but add the ability for them to add custom tags to that table without having to add the custom tag THEN select it. Is there a way that submitting a new tag to the tags table would also automatically add it to the comma separated list created by the choice component?


How are you letting them submit ideas? If it’s a native form then that’s a no go because we don’t have access to the value yet. If it’s a custom form then there might be a way.

  • Add a “User ID” column to your tags table.
  • When users submit a new tag, write their User ID to the tags table.
  • Create a relation - lookup combo from the Users table to the Tags table to retrieve the last tag added.
  • Use a single value column to retrieve the value from the custom form column where you’re letting the users write the choices to.
  • Split that SV column by comma, then add the “retrieved last tag” as a new element of the array, finally join the elements of the new array by commas.
  • When users submit the tag, set a wait condition, and then write the "join list’ above back to the custom form column where you’re letting the users write the choices to.

Thinking there’s some sort of variation of this:

Glide: Append ANY CHOICE LIST after completing a form AUTOMATICALLY

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I have a concept App that does this. Have a look below - if it’s what you are looking for I can provide instructions for setting it up.

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