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I have a table called ‘Business Activities’ and another table called ‘Tags’, both are Glide tables. Users can add new Tags, and then assign multiple tags to a Business Activity. The two tables are connected through relations both ways.

I would like a user to be able to add/remove Tags from a record. In a collection, they can click ‘Edit’ to open a slide in window, where I have included Tags to update. However, if the user has two or more tags selected, only one shows up on the drop down. For example, this record is marked with both Corn and US, but only Corn is shown as selected when the user opens the edit window.

Any suggestions on how to fix this, or another approach to take?

How are you allowing it to be added in the first place? I think a choice component that allows multiple choices would be ideal here?

As it so happens, I created a concept App some time ago that demonstrates a technique for dynamically managing tags with native tables. But because of a long standing Glide bug I was never able to share it. That bug was finally fixed yesterday, so now I can share it as a template.

Take a look at the below. If it does what you are looking for you should be able to copy and study it.


Thanks @ThinhDinh and @Darren_Murphy !

How my tags are added: There is a tags layout where the user can create tags. Tags are specific to a user’s company account. And in a separate layout they can add Business Activities and use the choice with multi select component.

So let’s say a Business Activity called ‘Grain Mill’ is created, the user can choose the pre-created tags ‘Corn’ and ‘US’. This all works fine. They can see ‘Grain Mill’ under each tag, and they can see both tags under ‘Grain Mill’.

The issue is if the user wants to add or remove tags from the record. On the edit window, I again used the Choice component, and they can select multiple tags. However, the field has ‘Corn’ already selected, which is great, but only ‘Corn’ is selected in the dropdown. ‘US’ is not shown as being selected though the tag exists. The user can then check and uncheck the other options, but the issue is having only one random tag shown when the edit screen opens.

@Darren_Murphy , your app looks amazing, even if a bit complicated. I could take this approach and let users select tags as a collection inside the Business Activity record. But does your app allow the user to create their own tags?

If you click into an item details screen, you’ll see that the user has the option of selecting from the existing list of tags, or adding a new one by typing it.

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Sounds like something is wrong here. I would appreciate some screenshots on how you’re setting that up.

I found a workaround: I updated the data from the edit screen, and it seemed to work after that.

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