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So basically I want to make a suggestions tab and it is user specific. But when a user submits the suggestion, whatever they type is left in the text entry. I came across a post (Erase a form after submitting it) that had the same issue as I did. Somewhere below, someone mentioned those entries should be user-specific columns, which will prevent other users seeing the entries when someone is submitting a suggestion. But then the action for the button is to add row with all the details and then clear values. If a column is user specific, I can’t seem to select what will be added in that row. (eg. the column title is user specific and the column ID isn’t user specific. In the action add row, I can’t see “title” and I can only see and select for “ID”.)

And before someone asks… I have tested where I ignore the above mentioned part and made the action where it will add row with only ID and then clear values for the columns in the row which is “Title” but then I end up with 2 rows, row 1 void of anything and row 2 with only the user ID. So how do I make this work?

if suggestions are meant to be seen by everybody, do not write them to the user-specific column, only to collect suggestions use USC, and then submit button will copy it to a regular column, and clear USC using custom action “set columns values”

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I tried what you said and it works! Thanks!

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