Creating Tags for Individual List Items

Hi fellow Gliders,

I would like to create a website for people to add friends, colleagues or family and then have the ability to tag them with a category (e.g. Colleagues or Family) so I could then group them for easy viewing in my home screen.

As time goes by and I know them better, I could also more tags to their profiles, e.g. their horoscopes or favorite sports, and then be able to sort them easily on my home screen to see who are all my contacts who like tennis for example.

How should I go about creating this on the front end and backend?

Backend: I don’t know if you know the categories in advance. If you know them, use a multiple choice component and point to a “Category” column to store it. If not, use a text entry, but make sure it is comma-delimited, or follow a consistent delimiter. Then, use a split text column and split that into an array.

Frontend: Show the list of users and filter by the array.

Is there a way for other users to create their own tags and sort groupings on their end as well?

Eg they could create a tag for “neighbours”, but also change or delete the tag whenever they like, as well as add and remove members from a group or tag

From your perspective, would it be more convenient for users to add/remove members from a tag, or go into each profile and assign a list of tags to them?

It would be to be able to assign and delete any tags on a profile, and then filter them or group them on a list on their Home Screen.

Alternatively, I could assign 5 columns to each user for them to rename these 5 tags, and they could then assign these tags to their friends and be able to group them, as well as edit / rename the tags when they like.

The 5 columns approach should work, but I would still use a single text entry and tell them to make it comma-delimited for unlimited tags and only one column.