Categories, tags, multiple relations - Not sure How

I am working on building a conference app with the new, advanced template. Currently I’m processing how to use my registration list to group people so attendees can find people with similar interests. I recognize how to use the relations, multiple relations and inline lists in its normal way, but when it comes to the list I have, I haven’t figured out how to build this out well.

How could I have these “tags” in a users profile where someone could click “writer” and see all the writers? Or something like that.

I’m able to split everything out and make more columns but still that hasn’t proven successful yet unless I’m setting something up wrong.

Thank you for your help!


@RedHeadKev You need predefined list of interests/roles that a user is allowed to pick from (Writer, Photographer, Recruiter, etc.). Then once they pick one you could filter the others via a contains style of matching. Allowing them to pick more than one would require you have multiple choice components and then some template stuff to gather them together in a column. The matchup of like individuals may be possible in the spreadsheet or Glide logic, I’m not sure without trying. I know it could do it with some Google scripting.

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I would first create separate sheet with a user and tag column. Users could add individual tags using a form button and they can make a submission for each tag they are interest in. From the user sheet, create a relation to the new User-Tag sheet. This relation can be used for an inline list to list all of the users tags under their profile. In the User-Tag sheet, add a relation to link each Tag to the Tag column in that same sheet (to itself). Create a lookup column against that relation to get all of the user emails contained within that tag. Using the lookup column, create a relation column to link the user emails to the emails in the user sheet. That should allow you to create an inline list of users with that same tag. So in the end you will start with viewing a user profile. In that profile you will have an inline list of tags. Clicking on one of the tags will take you to the tag details where you will have an inline list of users that share that same tag. From there you can click on a user and be taken to their profile. Hope that makes sense.


I’ll have to play around with this, but I do think this could help. Since I already have the users inputting their interests (tags) I’ll have to manually split those out into other columns that connect to a particular tag (i.e. column titles being the interests if I’m not mistaken). The “backend” will be bulky but I think the finished product like you described is what I’m looking for.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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@RedHeadKev I just want to mention that dynamically building column headers doesn’t play well with glide as you would probably have to reload the sheet in the builder each time a new column is created and then put in functionality to do something with it. There was a bit more discussion here:

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Thanks for the suggestions, once again. I was able to do it a little more simply I think:

  1. My list came pre-made as: “writer, communications, etc.” so my attendees had already selected those in their conference registration.
  2. I used the split function (=split(B2,", ",FALSE,TRUE) for this sake. Which gave me all the “tags” in separate columns. I titled those columns: Interest 1, Interest 2, etc. just like one would do for the image carousel feature for scrolling images (Thanks @Glide!)
  3. When I reloaded my sheet, Glide recognized the relation and made a relation column. From there I just added the relation with multiple to a categories sheet and it captured all that I needed and added the appropriate component to my glide app where I wanted it.

Hope this is helpful for others!


Thank you! I am trying to do exactly this, will give your method a shot! Thanks!

Great, I hope it works!

@RedHeadKev Thanks this was very helpful! What was the component you added to display the user-specific interests on their page? Glide isn’t recognizing the relation column it automatically created for multiple interests so struggling to add an inline list. Any help much appreciated!

An array of columns is not a relation although the icon is the same. You still need to create a relation to link the interests to the sheet that contains the interest info.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager. Any reason why the inline list component I created using the relation column wouldn’t be showing up?

Is there anything in the relation to show? Do you have any filters or visibility set on the inline list? Can you show the settings for the relation column and the settings for the inline list?

@Jeff_Hager - figured it out, thank you SO much for your help!

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