Update a post with a form?

I’m trying to allow the community to suggest a surfer in the photo for people that are Unknown?

When viewing a post, I inserted a Form Container
With a submit action (select from a list of surfers) that sets Column Values

However I noticed it makes new rows? Where it should be updating the row?

Any ideas where I could be going wrong?

A form container will always add a new row - that’s its purpose.

You could probably get away with a choice component that writes directly to the column. Depends if you need the suggestions to be moderated/approved or not. That would make it a bit more complicated.

Ok makes sense, prob not best todo a form container

If I had todo choice component, how do I create an action to update the field?

You don’t actually need an action, you can just target the choice component directly at the column.


I assume that you can have more than one surfer tagged in a photo, yes?
Given that, I’d assume that you’d be writing a joined list of SurferID’s to a single column, and then relating that (via a split text column) to your Surfers table?

If the above is true, then you can use a choice component in multi-select mode, and your users can tag one or more surfers directly. The down side with that is that anyone can add/remove any/all of the tagged surfers. I’m not sure if that is okay?

True that, I guess a better User Experience is a button called “Know this Surfer?” Then it opens a form?

The idea experience, is that any signed in user can click “Know this Surfer?”
Then once clicked it opens a form where the user can suggest a surfer that emails the photographer that created that entry

I tried this process, where a button opens a custom form. However the form wanted to be linked to a Target Table? and I don’t need it to write any data to any tables? I just want to send an email to the photographer?

Don’t use a form. Just use a Show New Screen → this item, and open it in an overlay window. Add your choice component to that screen and target it at a user specific column. Add a “Submit” button to the screen, and when the user clicks that use an action to send the email.


Thanks Darren, this was super helpful!

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