Using a form container to add a row

I’m using a form container
with a choice component to select a store name

is there any way i could lookup the selection store id so that when the form is submitted i could add the store name & the store ID in the destination table.

I could create my own custom form, but i wanted to use the form container to save updates (if it actually only costs 1 update?)

Create the relation in the destination table and use lookup columns. Then use a set column in the “on submit action” for the form container. This is the cleanest way to achiever what you’re looking for, but it does have some redundancy because the lookups have the same data as the values you are writing. The only benefit this is that if you’re using a Google sheet, the data will show up there too.


Thank you Robert, I’ve used something like this in the past with some issues.

Just to confirm

  • the on submit action acts on the new row added to the table
  • i use the wait for condition to make sure I don’t lookup an empty value and then set column
  • the form container costs 1 update & then the wait and set column actions costs another 1 update ?

If you’re already using a form container, it adds the row for you.

Am I understanding it right that you have to get the store name and store ID as basic columns? If not, you can just use the choice to select the store ID, and create a relation + lookup to pull back the store name. This would ensure if you ever change your store name, you won’t have to worry about the name being “outdated” in the destination table.