Need User Specific Total of the column based on Login

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I have a table with a column with name “Invoice Value” Each Row in the table represents an invoice of a particular user. Table can consist or Multiple invoices for the same person Meaning the column can have multiple values for the same person. There is another column in the table which represents which Person this invoice is for. I have a text field in Glide which has to show the total of all the invoices for the particular logged in person. How do I do it? My datasource is Airtable

  • Create a multiple relation column that matches the User identifier column with itself.
  • Create a rollup column, target it at the multiple relation column, and take a sum of the invoice value.
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Thank you for the reply @Darren_Murphy Pardon me but I am pretty new to Glide, Could you explain it in more detail? Thank you in Advance

Check the links below for more detailed explanations of each of the two column types:

@Darren_Murphy I tried it. Basically My table “A” has “Creator Name” and “Total Invoice value” table “B” has all creators list with a column called “Name” I created multiple relation to map Table A with Table B with Creator Name from Table A to Name from table B. I get stuck at this. How do I get Total Invoice value for creator with Name X?

Just to clarify. Each Row is associated to creator.

Row 1 ---- Has Invoice A — Creator 1
Row 2 ---- Has Invoice B — Creator 1
Row 3 – Has Invoice C ---- Creator 2
Row 4 ---- Has Invoice D — Creator 1

I am not sure how can we handle this case?

Okay, so you can do it in either table, but it probably makes sense to do it in Table A (the one that lists your creators). So in that table add two columns:

  • The first column is a multiple relation column that matches the creator name in Table A with the creator name in Table B.
  • The second column is a rollup column. This should target the relation column and take a sum of the invoice values. This should give you a separate total for each creator.

Side note: linking tables by names is extremely fragile and easily broken. A better approach is to use some sort of stable identifier such as an email address or UserID.

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Thank you @Darren_Murphy let me try that and get back to you.

BTW, I just realised. If my airtable is a “Link to Another Table” data type it will not show up in the relation linking.

Sorry, I’ve never used Airtable, so I don’t really understand how it interacts with Glide.
But I do know Glide - if you can show me a screen shot of what this all looks like in the Glide Data Editor I can probably advise you further.

Thank You @Darren_Murphy it worked.

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