KPI's and calculated columns

I’m new to glide and used to building complicated formulas for my sales app in Powerapps. I’d like to move my app totally to Glide as Powerapps seems to have a very poor UI and Glide seems much faster and easier. Architecturally however, I’m not sure where to start learning on how to do what I need. Specifically, I have client PO’s and Invoices and different tables for each. What I want is to be able to have pull up a client, click on an invoice and see all the associated and related purchase orders. I think this is where we use the relation and lookup columns. Where I’m lost is how do you then calculate say for each invoice a total of all the related PO’s vendor payments? Do I have to build a custom column for each place I want to calculate and display a “sum” or “count” of items in a database? Just looking for the right way to “think” about the data side of Glide. In Powerapps, the entire spreadsheet is a “database” and the formulas you use are treated as such. In Glide, I’m learning how the same thing is done. Hopefully this makes sense to someone who can describe where to go… Thanks in advance! Loving the tool!


Well, you don’t need to do this strictly, Glide can help you using its Rollup column.

Just create a multiple relation between your places already defined (e.g. Place column) with those places associated to sold items later, create a Rollup column using this new relation and select Sum property to get what you are looking for.


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Thanks, I’ll give it a go!