ADD from another table using Glide Tables?

Hi! I am pretty new to glide, so this might be very basic (or impossible).

Basically I have an “Orders” table and a "Products in Order table"

Inside the Orders table I have a related column populated with the corresponding products from the Products in Order table

So far, so good.

In the Orders table I have a Total column which I am supposed to fill with the SUM of the prices of the products for the corresponding order (remember the products come from the Products in Order table)

I need this in order to tell the Checkout Button how much the order will be.

I understand this would be “simple” with google sheets, but can’t find a way to do it with Glide Tables.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!
Thanks a lot! Hope I was clear enough.
Happy easter!

You can do it like this:

  • Create a multi-relation from your Orders table to your Products in Orders table, that joins by Order Number (assuming you have that)
  • Now you can use a Rollup column that gets the sum of all products for each order via that multi-relation

Thanks a lot! Will try this out!

Thanks! your solution worked! but… the Buy Button won’t take rollup fields as “Price

Do you know of any way I can convert that into something that the Buy Button would like?

Thanks again for all your help!

Sorry, I’ve never never used the buy button, so I’m not sure.
But you could try converting it to a math column (multiply by 1) - that might work.

Price can only take Sheet columns as input, as far as I aware, due to security issues.

Thanks @Darren_Murphy , @ThinhDinh for your time!

@ThinhDinh ouch, I really needed to use dynamic pricing. I will see if I can find some workaround in the flow.

Thanks again, have a great week!

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