Updated quantities

I have two Glidetables:

  1. List of products with started quantities;
  2. A management list of products that were sold with the quantities that were purchased.

I wanted the updated quantities of from the management table to my products list.
How can I do this?

Assuming that your tables look something like…

  • Products

    • Name
    • SKU
    • Starting Qty
  • Sales

    • Product SKU
    • Qty


  • Create a multi-relation from your Products table to your Sales table, joining Products.SKU to Sales.Product SKU
  • Create a Rollup column that takes the Sum of Qty from that multi-relation
  • Use a Math column to calculate the “Current Balance” by subtracting the result of the Rollup column from the Starting Qty
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Yes, you can but one by one.

There is no a way to update multiple items (rows) at the same time. The Set Column action doesn’t support a multiple relation unfortunately yet.

But using a GS the story is different.


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I think @Darren_Murphy and me are using different methods to update items :rofl:

In my case, I want to have a final amount without counting and reviewing your historical sales data.


hmm… did I misunderstand the question?
If I did, it’s because I just woke up and haven’t had my morning Milo yet.
That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

Thanks to all replys.

How do I joing Products.SKU to Sales.Products.SKU?
I haven’t done any multirelations yet

I got it @Darren_Murphy.

At Sales:

  • Template → SKU:PRODUCT_NAME.

At Products List:

  • Template Column → SKU:PRODUCT_NAME;
  • Relation Column: TMP_SKU → Sales TMP_SKU, check Match Multiple;
  • Rollup Column: Relation Column with QTD, Sum option;
  • Math Column: QTD - Rollup;
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Good job! :+1: