Glide Pages and Rollup for rows and columns


(some words in Dutch…)

I’m making (in Glide PAGES) my own expenses/revenues application, roughly based on the “Business Reporting”-template.
Input form to save data in my table “verrichtingen” is OK ; see first screenshot with some explication of the columns.


But now, I want to summarize all this info, if possible as a data grid, with a layout as in the second screenshot. I tried different calculated columns with relations and rollups (as seen in the Business Reporting"-template), but nothing works. I also read the sumif-explication from Robert Petito (🚮 Trash your Excel Formulas) but couldn’t find a way to put this in my GlidePage.

Has anyone any suggestion how to “group” by month AND by category.

(year could be added in a filter)

Thanks a lot for helping !


PS. row and column-totals would be an extra :wink:

This is a common scenario facing many Glide users — summing based on a Day, Week, Month, Quarter, etc.

In Glide, it involves a bit of trickery. See below:


Very good video as an excellent tutorial. I now understand the logic !

(do you ever sleep? you made this video 1h (one!) after my question?! Huh?!)

Not the first time someone’s asked me that :sweat_smile:

My wife would tell you “no, no he doesn’t.”

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