Count specific entries from one table to another

Hello @Jeff_Hager @Manan_Mehta @ThinhDinh @Robert_Petitto,

I have one table having 50 entries with Name, Type, Status etc. These are user specific columns.
Each such entries are divided in three Status viz. Active, Expired, Expiring Soon.

A particular user has 20 entries out of which 7 are expired, I want this count (7 expired) in User profile table.

I tried but not able to achieve this. I hope you guys already know how to do this.

Thanks in advance.

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I don’t believe you can do rollups on user-specific columns yet.

Which of those Name, Type, Status are user-specific columns?

User can make user-specific entry and each entry has such status and details.

Just to explain this in details, you can see following Glide Table.

There are 9 entries, out of this, 5 are posted by one user and 4 by another user.
So for one user, out of 4, one entry is Expired and for another user also, one entry is Expired out of Five.

I want this count in User Profile Column in respective User Row that he has " 1 " entry with “Expired” Status.

I hope this helps.

Create a template of name and status joined together. Use the template to create a relation to that same template (relation to itself). Then create a Rollup count against the relation.


Thank you @Jeff_Hager for the response. I am sorry but I am stuck somewhere.

I created Template with Name and Status in Main Glide Table. But I am not able to proceed further, I guess I could not understand what your mentioned.

Can you please help what exactly I need to do?

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Hey @Pratik_Shah,

If I understand correctly. Once you have created the template you need to:

  1. Create a relation where “that template” matches the same template on the same tab.
  2. Have a Rollup against the relation.

Thank you @Santiago_Perez1 for response.
I actually want the count in User Profile tab (i.e. another tab) from the User Entries Tab.

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So you have the user-specific column in a different tab?

I have not idea if this would work but I think you could create an ITE.

If user-specific column is true then “that template”

Then make a relation of that template to the one in you users sheets.

I’m sure @Jeff_Hager has a better idea.

Thanks, I guess i got it now. Thank you for all your help @Jeff_Hager @ThinhDinh @Santiago_Perez1

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I now understood what he wanted to tell here.

I created Template with Name and Existing Status in Main Tab and created another Template with Name (User) and expected Status in User profile Tab, then created relation column with later template to the Former Template and then Rollup.

This worked what I wanted to achieve.