Trouble linking some cells in Goggle spread sheets


my name is Jan and I am in need of some assistance regarding Google Spreadsheets and Glide apps in general.
I have a device that is sending some data to Sheets in this format:

And I also have a users sheet arranged like this:

And now my question is this how do I link up incoming data and the ID of a user to their balance cell in other sheets to match their id.

So, for example, incoming data in cell “Bill” is 10, and also incoming data in cell "ID " is 5 now I need to link the same ID in other “Users” sheet and subtract this incoming bill data from the balance cell so if the balance was 20 now it needs to be 10

I would much appreciate your help thanks


In your glide data editor, you can create a multiple Relation column in the user table, that links the ID in the user table to the ID in your billing table. Then create a Rollup column that uses the relation to sum your bill amount for each ID. Finally, create a Math column that subtracts the rollup amount from the beginning balance. This will be your final balance.

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Hello Jeff,

I got caught up in some other project. I really appreciate your help so far but could you explain in more detail how to do things? I am new and do not know how to create multiple relation columns and all that other stuff.

if you got some time to spare I would really appreciate your detailed explanation. That first tablče is dynamic so it gets data from esp32 when triggered so you need to account for that too