Need to filter Price Point by multiple options using ($,$$,$$$,$$$$)

I have a page for finding businesses based on filter selections.
I want ALL businesses to show if no price point is selected.

But if a price point IS selected i only want businesses that are in that ‘price selection’ to show.
The problem is that if I filter businesses in the inline list by “price point IS price point selection” then when NO selection is made {( - ) tab}, no businesses will show.

I also cannot do “price point INCLUDES price point selection” because it’s reads the ‘$’ as ‘anything with a $ is included in filter’ so it doesn’t know how to specify exact selection.

so i can’t do “IS”
I can’t do “INCLUDES”
I tried an “if then else” and i couldn’t get it to work based off the selection.

I’m assuming that your single value column populates the price point selection across all rows. If so, then also create an IFcolumn.

IF selection is empty then ‘true’
Else If selection is price point then ‘true’
Else ‘false’

Only filter rows where the IF column value is true.

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my favorite person!

So “single value” doesn’t populate the whole column and some businesses haven’t selected a price point at all so it ends up reading like this, totally wrong. What do i do?

Two separate questions.

Is there a particular reason you have your selection populating on the last row? For a single value column to work correctly, you have to know exactly which row you are pulling the value from. I assume you have the single value column set to the default, which is to pull the value from the first row. For a screen like this, with filters and a list, it’s much better to make sure the tab/screen is not filtered, and is referring to the first row only. Or better yet, I prefer to create a completely separate single row table that serves only as the tab/screen source table.

What is the expected result if a business has not selected a price point? Do they only show if if no selection is made, or do they show for every selection?

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I have no idea why it’s populating on the last row now - this is new. All of my selections/single values (last i checked) always populated on the first row, and that’s how i have it set in picture.

AND previously, my price point columns DID work with the “if then else” filter, so i wonder if this is causing the issue? All of my other filters seem to be working fine still, its only the price one that started not working. What could cause it to change to last row?

I didn’t want to make it mandatory for a business to select a price point. So i just want all businesses to show if no price point is selected (or if none is chosen by business) because the user isn’t concerned about price anyway, but if they DO select a price point that ONLY that selection will show.

I also have the same kind of filter page for professionals as well and that one is still working fine!! As seen in pictures…so is it more likely that there is something wrong with my database salon screen or user facing salon screen?

OK, new question, why do you have a split column in-between your selection column and the single value column? Do you allow multiple choice selections? If so, that can change how this should be set up.

Your search tab is somehow filtering to the last row. Check to make sure the tab doesn’t have any filters and sorting is defaulted to sheet order. To be clear, I’m talking about the filters/sorting on the tab/screen. Not the inline list.

Sounds like the current IF column setup should work in this case then.

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Ok, you were right, salon tab sheet order got changed to backwards. No idea why or how…so moving on, I fixed that.

I deleted split text because i don’t need multiple selections so i can add that later once i get it working.

so this is what i’m left with: if then else still doesn’t seem to be reading right, what am i doing wrong?

Your first IF case should be looking at the Single Value column, not the User Specific Column.

ie. “If price single value is empty…”


GOT IT. Thank you gentlemen! @Jeff_Hager @Darren_Murphy