Issue with Price Point Selection ($,$$,$$$,$$$$)

I have a filter category for finding businesses at 1 of 4 different price points. It’s the typical array of options you would see in a marketplace:


I have my filter set to “When price point INCLUDES Price Point Selection” because I want ALL businesses to show before the price is selected and it’s just on the dash ( - ). If I changed it to “Price IS…” no businesses would show until selection is made.

BUT because I have it set to INCLUDES instead of IS, when a user selects anything less than the highest ($$$$), it will include anything greater than the selection.

EX: User selects ($) it will show businesses at $ and $$ and $$$ and $$$$
User selects ($$$) it will show businesses rated at $$$ and $$$$

What can I add to my database so that the ($) reads as a specific setting or number? I’ve tried to add a math column but I’m not doing it right.

There are a couple of ways you could do this, but here is what I would recommend:

  • In the table that contains all the price point data, create a Single Value column. This column should take the value from the column that your choice component is writing to, and apply it to all rows.
  • Next create an if-then-else column, using the following logic:
    – If Single Value column is empty, then true (this will cover the case where they don’t select anything)
    – Else if price point is single value column, then true
  • Now you can apply a filter to your Inline List, only showing those rows where the if-then-else column is true

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