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Hi all, I need some help with filtering. I saw one post from about a year and a half ago but not sure if it’s still relevant to what I’m trying to accomplish.

I built a real estate app (Similar to Zillow), the issue I am having is filtering the prices by ranges. I would like to set a min and max price range. The issue is that even though the new built in features automatically pull the data (See attached pics). It’s basically just a checkbox. Is there any way/creative ideas around this?

In the Data Editor, in the table with the price, create an if-then-else computed column to define the ranges.

For example:

  • If price < 50, then “Below $50”
  • If price ≥51 and <100, then “Between $50 and $100”
  • Else “Above $100”

Back to the in-app filter in the Layout Editor, add a filter and filter on this if-then-else column.

EDIT: This solution is incorrect. Please see Darren’s correct solution below.

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An alternative for what you stated above (specifically to handle the ≥51 and <100 part since it looks like 2 conditions in 1).

  • If price > 100, then “Above $100”
  • If price ≥ 51, then “Between $50 and $100”
  • Else, then “Below $50”.
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Thank you both! Tested and both of these work!

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You wouldn’t actually be able to configure the second case, because each case can only have one condition :wink:
Also, a price of $100 would return “Above $100”
And any price between $50.00 and $50.99 would also return “Above $100”

Not quite strictly correct, because a price of $50 would return “Below $50”

I’d do it like this:

  • If price is greater than 100, then “Above $100”
  • If price is equal to or greater than 50, then “Between $50 and $100”
  • Else “Below $50”


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