Hi please help, desperate

My app consists of people sending in submission forms for properties they’ve stayed at. Property types was made into an option(choice) for the form, and for that reason I had an easy time setting up a custom filter. The value of the property however was a random value for them to enter. I want to make it so they can filter properties they’ve stayed at by price, filters such as 0-50000, 50000-100000, etc.

I’ve made my if-then-else columns in the submissions table using the value they entered and managed to filter successfully in 4 different columns. I have also made a new table for Price Ranges, with 4 rows of the ranges I’d like, and its showing up as a filter in my app. However I have no idea how to link the 2 together, right now the option is there to filter however when you click it nothing happens, and I do not know how to make my filters register each of the if-then-else columns values depending on whats selected.

I hope this made sense, please help. I’ve tried watching a lot of videos but none of them, that I have found, relate to this specific case.

Is there a reason you have to do it with a custom filter? Would a native filter on the collection work?