Need to create a unique email in each organization

Hey ,

I have two sheets, Users and Organizations.

In each organization, I need to have only one unique user by email.

Can anyone help me?

Any chance of both the tables having a common column?

So you’re saying that a user can’t be assigned to more than one organization in your app? It’s a 1-to-1 relationship?


yes we are storing the org Id in the both the sheets

Then you should be able to create a single relation in your Org table that matches the OrgID to Users->OrgID, and then use a lookup to fetch the associated email address.

But, a question… do you plan to use that as a Row Owner column? If yes, that won’t work. You would need use a basic (non-computed) column and populate it some other way. ie via an onboarding process or pre-populate it.

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