Need help - User specific column

Hi there,
Here’s my “problem” something I tryed for hours and hours, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I’d like to organise lunch wich some friends, so I created a tab named “lunch”.
This tab contain multiple dates rows, for multiple lunches.

I’d like my friends can use a “choice”, “checkbox” or a “switch” to tell us if they comes.

Then I’d like to show their answers below.
I’d like they can change their mind too.

This, for each lunch date.

If you need more informations, wave at me.

You will need to use a Form Button or a Button with an Add Row action to record the date for the lunch, the user email and choice response. A relation from the lunch date to the date in the form response sheet will give you the list of responses from users. If they change their mind, you can allow editing for just the user that created the row. They can edit their choice or delete the record if you want to allow them to.


Thank you for your answer, I think I get the idea.
So I did what you said.
But when I try to setup the relation column, heres what I get :

The relation show the date, but not name or email, nether choice.
In the response sheet I’ve created one column by item, date, name, mail, choice.

Can you tell me what is wrong ?

Thanks !

Here’s my response sheet :
I don’t need email atm.


That’s normal. A relation is relating to the entire row, but it only shows one column to indicate to you that it found something. It would be impossible to show the entire contents of the row or multiple rows in a single column cell. What you need to do is add an inline list that uses the relation to show the data.

Oh wonderful it works ! I’m so happy !

But I stil don’t know how to allow users to edit their choices.

I’m so gratefull for your help !

Email will become useful in the future if you need to filter the list to only the signed in user, or if you want the user to only be able to edit their own record.

Ok I’ve added email column.
Now inline list show the current reponses of my friends ok. So when I clic on somebody’s name I can change the answer, but everybody can do it for everybody.

Can you explain me how to show the entire list of answers, but only the signed user can edit it’s own row ?

Thanks a lot !

This should explain it