Need Cancel Button

I need the cancel button at the Choice component in the edit screen.
Is there any possibility to do so ?
Because, when accidently click on the wrong ID, we have to cancel the entire screen

Can’t you just click on the dash (-) to clear the selection?

But we don’t want to clear . We need the original data.
Normally , the lists could be long. Plus we filtered the list, only the available ID can be chosen.
They always accidently click the wrong ID. And cannot cancel back.

hmm, I’m not sure I understand. If they click the wrong one, why can’t they just go back and select the correct one?

Hmm because the list is filtered . The current ID is not in the list. The list will showing only for available machine Id.

So if it’s filtered, how would they select it in the first place?
I think I’m still missing something…

Hmmmm let say now. at first, they choose machine 2. Machine 2 now is “not available” status.
The remaining machine are 1, 3. If they want to change the machine they can only choose either 1 or 3. No machine 2 in the list. So, if they accidently chose 1, cannot back to 2 unless click Done (at choice component ) and cancel the entire edit form .

do not show options that are unavailable for it… filter and restrict…
as a good App developer, you need to predict what can happen, and prevent from choosing the wrong option

Yes, but thats what i’m doing right ? hmm like as in my situation above, as machine 2 is unavailable, so its only display 1 and 3, but once it accidently click 1, cannot go back to machine 2 .

or like all PROs will say… use only custom forms… this way you can control all scenarios

yes @Uzo , thats what i need, no cancel button in choice component .

Unless cancel the entire “edit form” . They change the others details then when stuck on the Machine ID component, they have to cancel the entire ?

Do you need to hide cancel ??? and is not in Code BOOK?

I NEED the Cancel button.

I’m gonna copy Darren… there is something that is still missing in your explanation

Hmmm okay thanks

you have choosing “-” in the choice component… so… what is your goal? i see choice component is not required…

I want it back to the original Machine ID without Cancel the entire form . “-” is clearing the cell …

need cancel on the choice component…

make it required

Now, machine 2 is not in the list… so , no point if i make it required or not…

According to this scenario…

how they can choose machine 2 if is not available?