Navigate to tab not working if tabs are in Menu?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I noticed that if I set a “navigate to tab” action inside a layout positioned in the menu it doesn’t work. Everything is fine using the same action outside the menu (visible tabs). Any comment? Thanks.

No, that should work.
Can you share some screen shots or perhaps a short video?

I could be wrong and I haven’t had a use for Navigate to Tab yet, but is the problem maybe because the side menu is an overlay (modal) on top of the main app interface. Just quickly playing around, it seems that if my main screen is on one tab (Tab 1), then I open the menu, select a tab (Tab 2), then click on something that has the navigate to tab action (to Tab 3), then it will work and open the correct tab. If I’m already on Tab 3 then open the menu, select Tab 2, and trigger the navigate to tab action (to Tab 3), then it won’t do anything because my underlying tab is already on Tab 3.

Disclaimer: I only tried this in the builder in staging, so I’m not sure if it’s different in production or in a published app.

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Thanks Jeff. I will dig into it. If you are correct, I don’t see an easy solution, though. Thanks for the suggestion.

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ah, I see.
Yes, I can replicate that behaviour in one of my production apps.

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