Buttons on filter pages don't work on live app

My app’s URL: https://apartamente.urbanista.ro/


I have an issue with buttons that should open another tab.
I created 2 search tabs. When users make some adjustments to their criteria and push the button, they should go to “Apartamente” Tab but the buttons don’t work.

Thanks for taking a look.
If you need some more info, let me know.

All the best

When I log into your app, I see two buttons on the home screen, and 5 tabs on the lower navigation bar.
It’s not immediately obvious where to go from there.

Can you provide (step by step) instructions for replicating the problem?

Are you talking about the filter tabs you have on your side menu? Does this seem similar to the situation in this post?

It may not be working because you are already on the tab you are trying to navigate to. It may be better to have your Apartments tab as a detail page. Then have a button to link to your filter pages from that Apartments tab. You’ll also have to re-create your All/Favorites tab using a choice component.


@Jeff_Hager thank you. I think you got it correctly.

The situation is like this:

  1. the app loads with the first tab being “Apartamente”
  2. when I go to “Criteriile mele” tab which is positioned in the menu and push the button that would bring me back to “Apartamente”, it doesn’t work.

When I change the order of the tabs and the app doesn’t start with the “Apartamente” tab, then the button works again.

So I will use this work-around. Thank you for your help