Native integrations with 3rd party solutions (not via Zapier, Integromat, etc

I’m copy from my other topic so this would turn into a feature request

Same flow you see with almost all “major lead” CRM/ERP/WMS, etc.
When the user is working on a specific document, one of the tabs (or sidebar) within Word (for example) would be “send to Glide” (or similar). When the user clicks on it, a dialog would assist in linking this document to a specific record (client, project, order, item, etc.). Once connected, an action will add a row that links back to that record and will, ideally, have a google drive link to that drive. As we’re talking corporate environment, we have full control over who can see what.
I was looking for some similar examples from other systems but couldn’t find something with a clear explanation for the flow. Here are some example that are close enough:
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