Webhook: create a google doc then embeed it

Hello everyone, looking for some help on this one!

I am trying to achieve what I thought was simple automation, but I must be missing something on Integromat. Everything that follows is for a Desktop Page App.

I want my users to be able to click a button (“Create doc”) that automates the creation of a Google Doc, then sends back to Glide the newly created doc URL so the Web Embed component can display it on the page. So you have an almost empty glide page, with just a button, and clicking it would make appear the embedded doc below.

I tried using Integromat Webhook, but I somehow cannot send back the URL to glide. I created an empty glide column called “Shot List Doc”, and wanted the scenario to “paste” the URL in the empty column. But nothing seems to work…

What am I doing wrong?

Appreciate any feedbacks!

This is achievable. The scenario should be:

webhook → Create Doc → HTTP (set columns Glide API)

Here’s the tutorial:


Great! Could I do it but with Word? @Robert_Petitto

Word is not recommended in cloud integration and Google doc actually can export for you a word file if you used download module you will find an export to word or pdf.

So I recommend Google docs all the way


+1 for this. An alternative is PDFMonkey, but you would need to be ready to write some HTML & CSS.