My second app - flashcards to learn Portuguese & Spanish

So I’m starting to get the hang of basic Glide stuff now. This app took me a day and a half start to finish, with no pre-planning. I just stumbled across a list of the top 1000 English words from movie transcripts and was inspired. I used Google translate, so the data is really bad and I’m going to start cleaning it.

I’ve been failing at learning Portuguese for more than 10 years, so I’m removing another weak excuse…

Once I have the data cleaned-up I can flip it so that people can learn the top 1000 English words.

First 1000

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Hi, good idea.
We’re stuck after the 1st word (no clickable button to go back, check as know…)
PS: please add France in the list of “I come from” !!

Just a tip, enable the option to sign in with google

Thanks! I like the idea of spaced repetition, which I’m trying to work into the logic. I haven’t figured out the way to override the standard swipe card swipe logic of keeping the deck order the same. I can remove cards, but not reorder them yet. Although I didn’t check the shuffle action… I need to see if I can affect the shuffle logic.

Is it not clear these are “swipe cards”? The swipe action doesn’t work that great on mobile, or basically at all on desktop…

Okay! I would have expected that you would be learning from French first, which was planned for later haha.

Why do you feel this way? I’m generally curious. I get that there’s a slight convenience, but I don’t want to give the impression that I’m somehow reading your emails. I’m trying to completely remove Google as much as possible as I’m in the business of handling people’s private information. (Not for this app, but for all the others.)

Got it. For me it’s handy to sign in with google.

But we can give the impression we’re not reading user’s email in a onboarding screen for exemple, being clear with them.

Take a look in this example I used in one of my apps. Look this second screen in the onboarding.


That’s nice man. You have really good ideas!